J&j Coin Jewelry

J&j Coin Jewelry
My wife and I started making and selling jewelry (necklaces, earrings, tie tacs, money clips and belt buckles) made from coins in the small resort town of Lexington, Michigan located on Lake Huron in 1972. We started with cut out coin jewelry made from real U. S. and world coins.

Gold & Silver Cut Coin Jewelry
To make our coin jewerly, a small hole is first drilled in the coin, then a very fine jewelers saw blade is inserted through the hole and worked around the coins design (figure) , by hand, cutting away the background. Thus leaving the coins figure floating inside it's outer edge (rim) . The figure is then selectively layered (by hand) in a brilliant and pure Gold & Silver. The resulting cut outs are electrosealed with "Tarnavoid" to protect against tarnishing.

Gold & Silver Coin Jewelry
After a few years, we decided to add something different and unique to our line of coin jewelry. Gorgeous 2-toned Gold on Silver coins (necklaces, earrings, tie tacs, money clips, bolo's, belt buckles and cufflinks) . These real coins are first layered in pure Bright Silver, then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this work is done by hand) . This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coins into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in a clear, hard acrylic coating.
John Germain
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